Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discover My Career Personality

I'm a "Scientist."

* Intellect: Scientist
* Skills: Nurturer
* Emotions: Instructor
* Dynamism: Grafter

My Core Skills

I am a natural communicator with high levels of emotional intelligence and strong leadership skills. An analytical thinker with an innovative streak, I thrive at facilitating group discussions. I will work long and hard if I am inspired by a project.

Potential Areas Of Weakness

I have a tendency to value my own ideas over those of my colleagues and sometimes need to work harder to make team members feel valued and involved. At the same time, I am very sensitive and sometimes take criticism personally. There is a chance that I become so involved in my work that personal organization and time management suffer.

Areas I Want To Work On

* focus on developing my listening and empathy skills - this is a crucial part of being a good leader
* make a conscious effort to plan my time using structured personal management skills
* actively allow and welcome criticism

Careers That May Suit Me

business executive
marketing account director

My Detailed Personality Assessment

I have shown myself to be a natural people-person and to have a real gift in bringing out the best in others. But I have asked myself recently how much I am able to truly shine and grow in my everyday life at the moment? Satisfaction for me seems to lie in having positive enriching interactions with those around me. I am a strong communicator - so I need to make sure that I am communicating the best of myself in order to achieve my dreams.

When it comes to leadership, I believe that encouragement and support are the key to getting the best performance from my colleagues.

I have a very good eye and am naturally attuned to aesthetic beauty. I get excited about work that gives me a lot of freedom and choice. I have strong ambitions and like to push myself.

As far as I'm concerned, hard work is the best way to achieve my goals. Short cuts to success are just a false economy. I tend to be quite traditional in my perspective and like to have a clear sense of my career milestones. I believe that effort should be rewarded and that if I put in the hours I'll reap the benefits. However that doesn't mean I always follow my own wisdom. It can be hard to maintain intense levels of focus all the time.

I am flourishing at the moment, and seem to be experiencing real fulfillment. Positive self-development has rich rewards in my work life. I'm feeling upbeat. I am getting a lot of satisfaction from my work. And this good feeling pervades the rest of my life.

The way I approach each day can have huge implications for my success in the workplace. I believe in living life to the fullest and throw myself into everything that I do with great verve. This positive spirit is inspiring and contagious. It's important that I evaluate my priorities from time to time in order to make sure that I have enough energy to pursue the goals that matter most.

The Future

I'm feeling super ambitious and want make a career tweak. It's time for a change. Moving on is a really positive decision since it affords fantastic growth opportunities and learning experiences. I definitely know the meaning of positive mental attitude. I'm full of enthusiasm for the challenges ahead and ready to be surprised and inspired.

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