Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discover My Mind's Personality

I'm "The Observer."

About me: I am a very sensitive person with a strong intuition and an analytical mind.

Interaction: I am a loyal and dependable friend, but am sometimes guarded when meeting new people. Feeling secure is important for me to be able to relax completely. A few special relationships are worth more than a huge gang of friends.

Thinking: I like to take my time when making big decisions. Working methodically through the facts comes very naturally to me. I am a very ordered thinker. I like precise details and research. The more facts I can absorb, the better.

Focus: I can be very shy and modest, and am most comfortable in a familiar environment. But when I find something that really fires me up, passion comes naturally to me. I like grand gestures and generally wear my heart on my sleeve.

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