Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do I Have Healthy Relationships?

I Have Fairly Healthy Relationships

I try my best in relationships, and I do a pretty good job.
I'm as considerate, honest, and giving as I can be.

There's always more that I can do, and sometimes I do leave people feeling a bit neglected.
Great relationships don't happen overnight. As long as I keep making improvements, my relationships will get better!

What Herb Am I?

I Am Basil

I am a mild-mannered person. People feel naturally calm around me.
I am warm hearted and loving. I have a close-knit circle of friends and family.

I have the courage to be who I am in life, even if others disagree. I'm proud of my uniqueness.
I am good at caring for and healing others. I am naturally soothing.

What Scent Candle Should I Light?

I Should Light a Cinnamon Candle

I am affectionate yet mischievous. I have a warm, welcoming spirit - but I also like to spice things up.
I love hosting parties and events at my home. I love to live it up with my friends.

I'm the type of person who is open hearted and accepting... as long as someone is willing to deal with my quirks.
I am both comforting and stimulating. I thrive in both familiar and exotic environments.

This is What Kind of Spice I Am

I Am Basil

I am quite popular and loved by most people.
I have a mild temperament, but my style is definitely distinctive.
I am sweet, attractive, and I often smell good.

This is What Kind of Flower I Am

I Am an Echinacea

I am a health conscious person, both my health and the health of others. I know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around me.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the host is On Its Way to the Big Screen

My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is the host. It is a science fiction novel. A screenplay is in the works.

Meyer’s novel is a love story set in the near future on Earth, which has been assimilated by an alien species that call themselves “Souls.” They are benevolent parasites that subsume the conscious of humans and take possession of their bodies. One such soul, The Wanderer (so named because she has wandered among so many different worlds) is fused with a dying human named Melanie Stryder, in an attempt to locate the last pocket of surviving humans on Earth. The Wanderer cannot subsume the forceful Melanie, and they battle for the girl’s memories and her spirit.

How Well Do You Know new moon?

New Moon Test

New Moon Test from!

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New Moon Test - How Well do I Know New Moon?


Have you read all the Twilight books? Love New Moon? Answer: "How Well do I Know New Moon?". Take this fun New Moon Test about New Moon and enter for a chance to win a trip to the New Moon premiere!

Your Result


You got 13 out of 18 (72%)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Anerserry

That is the greeting that awaited Prince Charming & me upon our front door when we returned from our anniversary dinner. Upon opening the front door, we discovered that a couple of angels (aka Dasha & her friend) had set about shining up the house as an anniversary gift to us. So sweet!!

What did we do to commemorate our 16 years of wedded bliss (or whatever they're calling it)? Red Iguana!!

Family Rules

Forgiveness is mandatory.
Always tell the truth.
Have fun, be kind, ask first, no fussing, no whining.
Be creative at all times.
Encourage your siblings...share in their joy.
Husband - hug your wife daily & Wife - always be on his side.
Obey your parents.
Never leave angry.
Sing silly, dance crazy, hug often, snuggle up and say, "I love you."
Keep your promises.
Use your manners - yes,, thank you.
Always give to others first.
Too much T.V. is bad...too much reading is good.
Use nice words...ignore dirty words.
Bless your food, be grateful, eat together, clean up after yourself.
Share everything except bad ideas.
Say your prayers...thank God for this family.

Want a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own Family Rules canvas? Copy & paste this address into your web browser


Prince Charming's sister Cici blessed us with a Smilebox of Cherished Memories. Be sure to view it! Click on the "Dasha & Luba's Baptism" link on my list of links to the right or copy & paste the address below.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jasper Says Relax

Wish I had Jasper here to mess with my feelings. Sean was going to become a homebound student on Monday when he has surgery. BUT this week he has not been able to be upright in his wheelchair for more than 20 minutes without the pain becoming unbearable. It is so bad he is barely eating. His spine is crumbling as we watch. So I picked him up at school today and we are officially homebound.

I feel the panic washing over me. Please let the surgery make this better. Please.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009 - The 80s Are Back With a Vengeance

Neon Pink: You can relive the Madonna-pink glory with just a few accessories.

Leather pants: If you don’t have a pair lurking in your closet from their first go-around, see if your mom or a super-hip aunt has a pair.

Big Shoulder Jackets: Just be careful that linebacker pads don’t give you that “neckless” look. If you need an adjustment, have your local tailor downsize your linebacker pads.

Eye-Catching Gloves: More Dynasty drama queen antics await with the elbow and shoulder-length glove trend predicted for fall 2009.

Short Velvet Dresses: From jackets to vests, berets and skirts, everyone had at least one piece of velvet back in 1993. But then those pieces were tossed into the velvet underground in favor of lighter, cleaner looks.

Fur Stoles: Fur is faux pas in certain circles. Every woman should own at least one real (vintage) or fake fur stole because this is a look that’s as classic as it is fabulous.

Strapless Ruffly Dresses: Think Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, Ione Skye in Say Anything. Not super–poofy, Jessica McClintock dresses. Just a straight-forward strapless dress with some ruffles on the bottom. You probably wore one to prom.

A-Symmetrical Dresses: Also known as “off-the-shoulder dresses,” these give you a chance to bear those boot camp shoulders you’ve been working on a the gym. Well, at least one shoulder. Flattering and sleek.

Mono-Chromatic Color Schemes: You know the look. A top, skirt, tights and shoes, all in exactly the same shade. Without a clash of colors chopping the body up into different sections, a mono-chromatic color scheme elongates and slims the body. Have fun with this one. Find co-ordinates in the same shade of teal, orange or fuschia!

Red and Pink Together: Speaking of fuschia, the classic combo of red and pink has been making a comeback for a few years now. It seems easy to carry this look off, but you have to make sure that all you wear the same shade of red and the same shade of pink throughout or your ensemble will be a big, colorful disaster.

It's National Coupon Month

Be proud if you are a coupon user. You're part of a growing national trend. Here is what coupon user's have to say:

  • 93% think it is more important to find ways to save money today than it was last year
  • 84% say it's the intelligent thing to do
  • 78% match coupons and grocery circulars with their shopping list
  • 43% save $21 or more per week using coupons
  • 67% share/swap coupons and hot deals with family and friends
  • 80% are redeeming more printable/online coupons than last year
  • 52% visit their favorite savings or deals Website weekly
  • What's Your Work Personality?

    The Mentor: I love helping the newer or younger employees learn the ropes. I remember how it was to be new and I want to be more helpful to others than my predecessors were to me. Some might even call me a mother hen, but I know that if I help others to do their jobs better - their proficiency and efficiency will only help me in the end.

    Take the quiz to find out your work personality.

    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    Common Cold Infectz U!


    Billions of people a year catch the cold.

    Sleeping Sickness Infectz U!

    (Trypanosoma brucei)

    Are you tired? Working too hard? Feeling a bit cranky? Do you think you might have sleeping sickness? This little fellow will sing you a lullaby you'll never forget.

    E. Coli Infectz U!

    (Escherichia coli)

    Everyone's welcome at a barbecue. Or are they?

    Syphilis Infectz U!

    The Pox

    (Treponema pallidum)

    Don't let a pox end up on your house.

    Gonorrhea Infectz U!

    The Clap

    (Neisseria gonorrhoeae)

    One of the most common venereal diseases, Gonorrhea can be easily cured -- or avoided.

    H.I.V. Infectz U!

    (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

    Not cute in any sense, a deadly virus that destroys CD4 or T-helper cells.

    Flesh-Eating Virus Infectz U!

    (Streptococcus pyogenes)

    Caused by the same microbe responsible for strep-throats, Flesh Eating can put you on a diet -- fast.

    Ebolo Infectz U!

    (Ebola Virus)

    Since its discovery in 1976, Ebola has become the T. Rex of microbes.

    Mononucleosis Infectz U!

    Mono - Kissing Disease

    (Epstein-Barr Virus)

    A kiss isn't just a kiss! 95% of the population has encountered this sweetie pie.

    Bad Breath Infectz U!


    (Porphorymonas gingivalis)

    Oral malodor is no laughing matter. But don't give spicy foods all the credit. Microbes deserve their share of the glory, too. Go brush your teeth.

    Stomach Ache Infectz U!


    Having a stomach ache can be loads of fun ... NOT!

    Ulcer Infectz U!

    (Helicobater pylori)

    Guess what? Stress doesn't cause ulcers -- microbes do!

    Sore Throat Infectz U!


    No one likes having a sore throat.

    The Flu Infectz U!


    This guy may not look too tough, but don't let his cute looks fool you! Once he and his friends show up you're in for a pretty lousy time. Learn about his weaknesses so you can avoid unwanted encounters.

    Head Lice Infectz U!

    (Pediculus capitis)

    Having a lousy day? Here's a solution. Scratch your head, and try to guess what it is!

    Black Death Infectz U!

    The Plague - black death

    (Yersinia pestis)

    Improved hygiene and readily available antibiotics keep this bad boy at bay. But what a history.

    Toxoplasmosis Infectz U!

    (Toxoplasma gondii)

    Don't play with cat scat. 'Nuff said.

    Gangrene Infectz U!

    (Clostridium perfringens)

    Gangrene sets in when you least expect it.

    Chicken Pox Infectz U!

    (Varicella-Zoster virus)

    Don't be scared — a new vaccine is making chickenpox roadkill.

    Toxic Mold Infectz U!

    (Stachybotrys chartarum)

    Is toxic mold lurking in your basement?

    Cough Infectz U!

    (Bordetella pertussis)

    Coughs aren't just for smokers.

    Herpes Infectz U!

    (Herpes Simplex Virus 2)

    Breaking out is hard to do.

    Malaria Infectz U!

    (lasmodium falciparum)

    The tropics have coconuts, soft beaches, clear water, shiny fish, colorful birds, steel drums, umbrella drinks. And Malaria.

    Mange Infectz U!

    (Sarcoptes scabei)

    Who you calling mangy? I'm just along for the ride!

    Salmonella Infectz U!

    (Salmonella typhimurium)

    Which came first: the chicken, or the egg -- or the Salmonella bacteria?

    Swine Flu Infectz U!

    Influenza A virus H1N1

    See what happens when you go kissing pigs? You gets the swine flu!

    We Infectz U!

    Eek! These are the beasties we are trying desperately to avoid. Sean must stay well for his upcoming surgery.

    There is an "invisible" universe out there filled with very small things that can do incredible damage to much bigger things. Go and wash your hands. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Did you ever realize how cute they could be (when expanded 1,000,000 times and fashioned into cuddly plush)? Infectiously cute!!

    Also available safely residing in petri dishes.

    96 Days Until Christmas

    Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

    Your score: 8

    How did you do?

    8-10 — Congratulations! You can go to the head of the class.

    Do you think you're smarter than a 5th grader? Now is your chance to prove it. Take the Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader Quiz!

    On the Countdown to Sean's Surgery...8 Days

    Spinal surgery, or "spinal fusion," is a procedure in which rods are inserted into the back to correct unwanted curvature of the spine (scoliosis). Sean's scoliosis was caused by weakening of his back muscles which normally keep the spine straight. Following the surgery, Sean should be much straighter & a few inches taller and should breathe better. And he'll need new medical equipment to accommodate those changes.


    An impressive collection of unique and one-of-a-kind specialty items sparked bidder interest, bringing in almost $350,000 through the Telethon Online Auction to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

    From Sept. 1 – 15, hundreds of items donated by celebrities, sports figures, MDA sponsors and other friends of the Association were sold in such categories as Celebrity and Sports Memorabilia, Unique Experiences, Travel, Electronics, Kids and Baby Items.

    During the 15-day auction, held in conjunction with the 44th annual Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, MDA and celebrities with items in the auction helped spread word of the auction by taking to their Twitter accounts. “Days of Our Lives” star and “Biggest Loser” host Alison Sweeney tweeted daily to her almost 37,000 followers about some of the “Days” items available for bidding, prompting retweets from her friends actress Denise Richards (1.1 million followers) and entertainment news personality Giuliana Rancic (1.3 million followers). “Access Hollywood” host Nancy O’Dell also asked her Twitter and Facebook followers to donate items to the auction, which resulted in multiple children’s packages and celebrity items. “General Hospital” star Brandon Barash also tweeted daily about the auction.

    “These celebrities are part of our MDA family,” MDA President & CEO Gerald C. Weinberg said. “The fact that they helped promote the auction through Twitter added to the fun and excitement, and helped us reach out to a new audience.”

    Items with some of the best final bids included a VIP package to the 2010 Telethon, $10,050; a 2009 FLSTSB Softtail Cross Bones Harley-Davidson motorcycle, $15,050; a 2010 Honda Fit, $13,800; an autographed Roger Staubach and Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys photo, $3,867; tickets to see ventriloquist Terry Fator at The Mirage in Las Vegas and have a meet and greet with him, $2,949; and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event tickets and meet and greet with WWE Superstars and Divas, $2,525.

    Daytime television items were also popular. They included meet and greets with “Days of Our Lives” stars Sweeney (Sami), James Scott (EJ), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Bryan Datillo (Lucas); a VIP package for a tour of the “Days of Our Lives” set with Sweeney, including airfare and hotel; a behind-the-scenes tour of “General Hospital” and lunch with Barash (Johnny Zacchara); a Barash autographed “General Hospital” script with blood from a shooting scene on it; and many more.

    MDA is the nonprofit health agency dedicated to curing muscular dystrophy, ALS and related diseases by funding worldwide research. The Association also provides comprehensive health care and support services, advocacy and education.

    It's not too late to help "Jerry's Kids" (young and old!!).


    I'm More of a Dog Person My patience and tolerance, combined with my enjoyment of the outdoors are just a few reasons that a canine companion would make a great match for me. Dogs are loyal and affectionate and need someone who can give them the attention and love they deserve. With my relatively low-stress travel schedule and weekends at home, I have the time and love a dog requires. Dogs are a lot of work, but I know that you'll always get back what you give - and then some.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Family Flu Shots

    What a festive day! Flu shots for the whole (un)happy family. Dasha was definitely NOT a fan. Talk about family fun....

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Five Fashion Musts for Every Mom

    Look fabulous in these instant wardrobe updates!

    Have you ever heard an overwhelmed mother excusing her frumpy, dated or otherwise unfortunate outfit by saying “Comfort before style”? I admit that I’m not one to suffer for fashion either, but there’s a limit, ladies!

    It’s time to retire those lame excuses, because here’s the thing: Today, moms are in a position to be both comfortable and stylish. After all, we live in an era when casual fashion rules and jeans are okay just about anywhere. There are many trends out there that allow a mom to look fabulous—while staying as comfortable as she would be in sweats! Or almost, anyway.

    Here are some ways to look wonderful, every day.

    1. Denim delights. If you don’t have a socialite’s allowance, denim is a great choice for a wardrobe splurge. Jeans can last years, are wearable everywhere from the supermarket to evenings out, and can be as comfortable as you want them to be. What to look for: a classy (and slimming!) dark wash and a little bit of stretch material, which helps them fit just right. Your pants should hit just below the navel at the waistline and graze the top of your foot at the hemline. If you’re into trendy skinny jeans, they should fall closer to the ankle. What to avoid: those too tight (or too baggy) jeans in an ‘80s stone wash that are lurking in your closet. Toss them immediately. For an easy–to–navigate shopping experience, check out where you can choose jeans by wash, by waist fit, by leg style, or by price.

    2. Rockin’ boots. Boots, like jeans, are an excuse to blow your clothing budget. After all, you wear them often enough to make them worth the investment. While thigh–high boots may be uber–trendy, they’re not quite practical for my lifestyle. For us everyday moms, the knee–high pairs are sexy and stylish and still fine for picking up the kids at school. Don’t shy away from a two to three inch heel for everyday wear, but proceed with caution with anything higher. Splendicity has a good blog going with lots of hip new boots. Nordstrom has a fantastic collection and cuts prices at sale time.

    3. Affordable accessories. A baby—who loves to pull at every sparkly bauble you wear—can make even the most chic woman take a break from accessorizing, but that excuse is out the window once the kid grows up. As for cost? It takes very little to spruce up a casual outfit. A chunky necklace in rich jewel tones or an oversize scarf in the same colors can take a jeans–and–tee outfit from blah to bombshell. Also affordable, beautiful and very in style: wooden jewelry. Oversize bracelets and dangly earrings in dark tones carry into multiple seasons.

    4. Vibrant hues. Liven up your basic black by pairing it with a bold, primary color. Neons, bright pinks, and turquoise — think bags, scarves and necklaces — all pop against a black shirt or dress. Or dare to stand out and buy a dress or shirt in one of these colors.

    5. Beautiful blazers. It’s time to trade in those sweatshirts, long–sleeve T–shirts and frumpy sweaters for a gorgeous alternative: the fitted blazer! As they’ve moved from hot trend to wardrobe staple, they offer more great choices. Go for the figure–flattering feminine cuts that just skim your body. Just about any material will do — cotton, corduroy or velvet. Wear your blazer with jeans or a pencil skirt, or over a dress, and you’ll look chic and pulled–together with ease.

    Fashion Update: How to Wear Fall’s Bold Colors

    The fall fashion season is ushering in some vibrant hues. Rich jewel tones are hot, and incorporating them into your wardrobe is an easy way to instantly freshen it up.

    Passionate About Purple

    Purple is a strong color, so use it as an accent in your wardrobe. Wear a skinny belt or pumps, suggests style expert Niria Portella. Or try a purple platform ankle boot, suede bag or pashmina shawl. Purple works well with gray, navy, brown and olive green.

    Radiant in Red

    This bold color looks great on nearly everyone. Use it for main pieces, like dresses and skirts, and accessories, like suede boots and opaque tights, Portella says. You can wear red alone or combine several shades. And don’t be afraid to mix it up: Red pairs well with eggplant, steel gray, camel and navy, says founder Sharon Haver. If classic red is a bit too bright for your taste, tone things down by wearing a Bordeaux shade.

    Monday, September 14, 2009

    How to Get the Hairstyle You Want

    1. Tousled waves

    Ditch the curling iron, and instead spritz your hair with a setting spray (if hair is thick or wavy) or thickening spray (if it's fine). Dry it until it's only slightly damp, then part your hair in the middle all the way back to the nape of your neck. Gather one of the two sections of hair at ear level, twirl it around on itself to form a loose bun, and pin it behind your ear. Repeat on the other side. Blast your whole head with a diffuser for five minutes, leave the buns in for another 10 to 15 minutes, then take them out and shake everything out with your fingers.

    2. Wispy updo

    The trick to an updo: Give it some rumpled texture. Use your fingers instead of a comb to rake back your hair so it's not tight against your head. Twirl your hair loosely into a bun, then use bobby pins—not an elastic—to anchor it in place, which will make the twist look slack, in a good way.

    3. Choppy bangs

    The appeal here is the way they hide your eyes a bit. Be sure the bangs are long and thick, with choppy ends that skim the bottom of your brows. And keep the rest of your style in mind—this fringe is most flattering with a bob or hair that falls below your shoulders and is nearly all one length.

    4. Natural texture

    This look turns out best when you put in a smidgen of effort while hair is still damp. Run a tiny drop of leave-in conditioner through hair (this will control any frizz), part your hair as you normally would, tuck it behind your ears, and leave it that way until it's dry. You'll end up with a gentle wave in front.

    5. Bouncy ponytail

    OK, this one's really simple. First, run a large drop of thickening cream through damp hair before blow-drying. Then, use your fingers, not a brush, to gather your hair back (not too tightly, though—you want there to be some wisps around your face). Place the ponytail about two inches below your crown—any higher and you'll look like a genie. Finally, tease the underside of the ponytail with a paddle brush for extra bushiness. (The brush won't tangle the hair the way a teasing comb can.)

    6. Half-up hair

    To keep this style from looking too prim (or preschool), mist your roots when they're dry with a bit of texturizing spray, which makes them slightly fuzzy, and create a messy center part. Then, pull back just the top layer of hair on each side of your face—the bottom layers should fall over your ears. Fasten the pulled-back pieces into a small ponytail just below your crown with a thin elastic—barrettes are too girlish—and don't worry about any strays.

    7. Spiky knot

    Make a ponytail just above the center of the back of your head and lightly tease the tail, then haphazardly twist it around into a bun and pin in place—but leave the ends sprouting out so it seems more casual. (Feel free to pull a few pieces out of the twist.)

    8. Messy low ponytail

    The key here is a slightly frizzy texture. Before pulling your back hair, lightly massage your scalp with your fingertips—this creates a bit of volume and the fuzziness you want. Then, loosely gather your hair at the nape of your neck and wrap an elastic around it so the band is about a half-inch away from your scalp. For extra oomph, lightly tease the underside of the tail with a paddle brush.

    9. Teased crown

    Gently tease just your roots until there is lift, but not so much that it looks like you have a lump on your head. Smooth over the teased hair with your hands, then leave your hair down or pull it into a low, loose ponytail.

    10. Straight hair

    For a smooth blowout that still has some bounce, prep hair with the right product: volumizer on fine hair; a nickel-size drop of gel throughout curly hair; and on thick hair, a heat-protecting spray from mid-length to the ends. Blow-dry hair in sections using a large round brush; when finished, rub of drop of shine serum between your palms and skim them over the hair just from the ears down.


    According to the apparently all-knowing allure magazine, "the beauty expert" dontcha' know, the Hollywood stars of the female gender come in four looks:

    The Girl Next Door
    With their clean, shiny hair, clear skin, and soft pink lips, these women have a friendly, familiar appeal.

    The Sex Kitten
    The phrase was coined in 1958 to describe a sultry new French actress named Brigitte Bardot. These lush beauties share her tousled hair, plump lips, and long lashes.

    The Rocker Chick
    This woman's sensuality is a mix of heavy eye makeup, mussed-up hair, and a defiant attitude.

    The Femme Fatale
    Everything about her look—the bold lips, the sharp brows, the androgynous hairstyle—is potent and threatening.

    9 Ways to Look Sexy—Instantly

    The best tricks from body-language experts on how to attract who you want, when you want. (From allure magazine - the self-proclaimed "beauty expert" magazine.)

    1. Wear red.
    Women who dress in red are seen as sexier by men than those who wear white, green, gray, or blue, according to a study at the University of Rochester. They're even 56 percent more likely to get asked out on a date than women in blue.

    2. Make eye contact.

    "A quick glance communicates interest in a person, and a lingering look moves it a step further," says Beverly B. Palmer, professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

    3. Express yourself.

    "We're most attracted to people who are animated in their face and voice and body," says Paul Ekman, professor of psychology at the University of California Medical School, San Francisco. Use hand and head movements for emphasis.

    4. Reach out and touch.

    "When a woman touches a man's forearm during conversation, it shows that she's fully engaged," says Patti Wood, a psychologist who specializes in body language. Briefly touching your own neck or collarbone says you'd like to do more than just talk.

    5. Stay on your feet.

    At a party, standing up gets you noticed for obvious reasons: "We all pay attention to someone who's higher up," says psychologist Beverly B. Palmer. A more surprising detail: Watch where you point your toes. "You can tell if a person really likes you if their toes point toward you," says psychologist Lillian Glass, author of I Know What You're Thinking (John Wiley & Sons).

    6. Dim the lights.

    Candlelight is the most romantic, but it's not the most practical as a light source for a party. "Coral-and amber-hued bulbs are sexier than white ones and cast a beautiful glow that instantly flatters everyone in the room," says designer Todd Oldham.

    7. Spray softly.

    "The closer someone has to get to smell your fragrance, the more seductive it becomes," says perfumer Sylvaine Delacourte. Here's how to avoid OD'ing: Pure perfumes should be dotted on the wrists or behind the ears once a day; for an eau de toilette, mist a cloud in front of you and walk through it to pick up the right amount.

    8. Flash your wrists.

    The wrists are actually very seductive. "Their glands emit pheromones," says Martin Lloyd-Elliot, psychotherapist.

    9. Straighten up.

    "A sexy posture is relaxed but upright," says body-language expert Martin Lloyd-Elliott. "Look at the way dancers and athletes carry themselves: Their hips are aligned; their shoulders are even; they don't slouch. They give off a certain vitality and energy." Doing yoga or Pilates will help your body assume this position on its own.

    Seems an awful lot of science went into that...

    ...Couldn't these scientists cure the common cold or something?

    Oh, Yeah...66 Days to new moon


    I believe in miracles! Sean's spinal fusion surgery has been moved up to September 28. Meet one of the many miracle workers who will be attempting to relieve Sean's pain and help him lead a more comfortable life.......

    Jacques D'Astous, M.D., FRCS(C)

    Dr. D'Astous is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who practices at Shriners Hospitals for Children - Intermountain and is now the consulting staff at Primary Children's Medical Center. His particular interests include neuromuscular disorders, spinal deformities, as well as general pediatric orthopaedics. He is the Medical Director of the Movement Analysis Laboratory at Shriners Hospital.

    The surgery will take place at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sean will remain at that facility until he is well enough to leave the intensive care unit. Then we hope to transfer him to a smaller, quieter, more familiar facility - Shriner's Hospital Intermountain, also located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Shriners Hospitals for Children depends on the generosity of donors to deliver its care.

    Why does Shriners Hospitals need donations?

    Shriners Hospitals:
    • is a 501(c )(3) charitable organization
    • does not charge patients or their families for the services they deliver
    • does not charge insurance companies for the patient care they deliver
    • does not rely on U.S. government funding
    • serves many children with complex and chronic conditions requiring years of treatment
    • provides additional services like transportation and accommodations to children who need it
    • has treated more than 835,000 children
    • conducts research that changes the lives of children throughout the world
    • educates thousands of physicians and clinicians in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injury, and cleft lip and palate
    Shriners Hospitals reaches out to individuals, foundations, and organizations who want to help Shriners Hospitals for Children through current donations or planned gifts, such as leaving a gift in a will.

    Shriners Hospitals for Children rely on the generosity of many individuals and organizations for the funding needed to continue operating this extraordinary philanthropy.

    Make a gift today