Friday, November 27, 2009

My Celtic Animal is the Cat

I am independent to the point of being stubborn. I stick to my values. I am loyal, trustworthy, and honest. I am very devoted to my family. I am aloof towards those I don't know well, but I am affectionate with those I am close to. I am a creative, sensual, and mysterious person. I am agile and flexible.

Prince Charming's Celtic animal is the bear. He is courageous and a even bit primal. He's aggressive when it comes to getting what he wants. And when it comes to defending our family, he won't back down... ever! He has good instincts, and he always know what he should do. He's a natural protector and warrior. He is also quite playful and adventurous. He loves to wander. He has a lot of energy to burn!

Luba's Celtic animal is the otter. She is a supportive, caring person. She values human life, and she thinks each person deserves compassion. She is optimistic and inspiring. She sees what people need to feel complete, and she helps them get it. She bonds easily with others, and she is especially close to family. She loves to share, learn, and play together. Security is important to her. She is calm, as long as she isn't threatened.

Sean's Celtic animal is the adder. He is mentally sharp. He has an amazing memory, and he's a shrewd problem solver. He is a natural healer, and he is drawn toward taking care of people. His family is the most important thing to him. He feels lost without them.

Dasha's Celtic animal is the salmon. She is both clever and wise. She is a keen observer, and she tends to notice everything. She has amazing reasoning skills, and she grasps difficult concepts. She is an abstract thinker. She seeks wisdom in its many forms. She is interested in art, literature, history, philosophy, and science.
She is driven to make her own mark on the world. She puts her creativity and brilliance to work.

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