Friday, November 6, 2009

My Style is Glamour and Loft...Huh?? Isn't That a Contradiction?

My style is glamour

The verdict is in—my style is Glamour. Glamour is the penthouse with a view, the Old Hollywood mansion, the home of the connoisseur. A knowing marriage of fashion with sumptuous comfort. A fearless blending of Art Déco, Chippendale, and Modern. Glamour is shamelessly smart, elegant, and timeless.

Definitely more park place (Haute couture in gold and black. A boldly elegant atmosphere where conversation crackles.) than coromandel (Rich. Sensual. Dreamy. Asian-inspired and symmetrical, neutrals with warm pops of color. The overall look? Clean. Consistent. Pure luxe.)

Check out my first runner-up—Loft.

Loft is energetic. Fashion-driven. Practical. Materials borrowed from industry, architecture, and nature. Clean shapes. Punches of color. Spontaneous and fresh. Kids and pets? Bring them on.

Definitely more marzipan (A bright confection with a fashion edge. Defined by graphic shapes and a playful yet well-edited use of apple green, watermelon pink, and liberal helpings of black. Modern. Feminine. Refreshing.) than dusk (Enter serenity. A brilliant mix of modern and soft creates balanced tranquility – a look of elegance energized by nurturing textures, crisp linens, bold patterns, and cool art. In sum, sophisticated simplicity.).

Take Ethan Allen’s What’s Your Style quiz. I’d love to hear about your results and how accurate or off-base they may be. Have fun!

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