Monday, September 21, 2009

It's National Coupon Month

Be proud if you are a coupon user. You're part of a growing national trend. Here is what coupon user's have to say:

  • 93% think it is more important to find ways to save money today than it was last year
  • 84% say it's the intelligent thing to do
  • 78% match coupons and grocery circulars with their shopping list
  • 43% save $21 or more per week using coupons
  • 67% share/swap coupons and hot deals with family and friends
  • 80% are redeeming more printable/online coupons than last year
  • 52% visit their favorite savings or deals Website weekly

    1. I've used them most of my married life. They really do save you money if you use them on what you normally buy!