Monday, September 14, 2009


According to the apparently all-knowing allure magazine, "the beauty expert" dontcha' know, the Hollywood stars of the female gender come in four looks:

The Girl Next Door
With their clean, shiny hair, clear skin, and soft pink lips, these women have a friendly, familiar appeal.

The Sex Kitten
The phrase was coined in 1958 to describe a sultry new French actress named Brigitte Bardot. These lush beauties share her tousled hair, plump lips, and long lashes.

The Rocker Chick
This woman's sensuality is a mix of heavy eye makeup, mussed-up hair, and a defiant attitude.

The Femme Fatale
Everything about her look—the bold lips, the sharp brows, the androgynous hairstyle—is potent and threatening.

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  1. Innocent or To the Extreme...Which Look Would You Rather Have?

    Results of the Poll:

    The Girl Next Door 75%
    The Sex Kitten 25%