Sunday, September 27, 2009

the host is On Its Way to the Big Screen

My favorite Stephenie Meyer book is the host. It is a science fiction novel. A screenplay is in the works.

Meyer’s novel is a love story set in the near future on Earth, which has been assimilated by an alien species that call themselves “Souls.” They are benevolent parasites that subsume the conscious of humans and take possession of their bodies. One such soul, The Wanderer (so named because she has wandered among so many different worlds) is fused with a dying human named Melanie Stryder, in an attempt to locate the last pocket of surviving humans on Earth. The Wanderer cannot subsume the forceful Melanie, and they battle for the girl’s memories and her spirit.


  1. hooray! It will be interesting to see how they put some of that book to film. Can't wait!

  2. I've never read this book or the Twilight books either but I did see the movie. I feel so out of it, lol! I bought Gerald Lund's new book a few weeks ago and haven't even had time to crack it open yet! I miss those days of sitting by our fireplace and losing myself in a good book while the kids napped!