Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009 - The 80s Are Back With a Vengeance

Neon Pink: You can relive the Madonna-pink glory with just a few accessories.

Leather pants: If you don’t have a pair lurking in your closet from their first go-around, see if your mom or a super-hip aunt has a pair.

Big Shoulder Jackets: Just be careful that linebacker pads don’t give you that “neckless” look. If you need an adjustment, have your local tailor downsize your linebacker pads.

Eye-Catching Gloves: More Dynasty drama queen antics await with the elbow and shoulder-length glove trend predicted for fall 2009.

Short Velvet Dresses: From jackets to vests, berets and skirts, everyone had at least one piece of velvet back in 1993. But then those pieces were tossed into the velvet underground in favor of lighter, cleaner looks.

Fur Stoles: Fur is faux pas in certain circles. Every woman should own at least one real (vintage) or fake fur stole because this is a look that’s as classic as it is fabulous.

Strapless Ruffly Dresses: Think Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, Ione Skye in Say Anything. Not super–poofy, Jessica McClintock dresses. Just a straight-forward strapless dress with some ruffles on the bottom. You probably wore one to prom.

A-Symmetrical Dresses: Also known as “off-the-shoulder dresses,” these give you a chance to bear those boot camp shoulders you’ve been working on a the gym. Well, at least one shoulder. Flattering and sleek.

Mono-Chromatic Color Schemes: You know the look. A top, skirt, tights and shoes, all in exactly the same shade. Without a clash of colors chopping the body up into different sections, a mono-chromatic color scheme elongates and slims the body. Have fun with this one. Find co-ordinates in the same shade of teal, orange or fuschia!

Red and Pink Together: Speaking of fuschia, the classic combo of red and pink has been making a comeback for a few years now. It seems easy to carry this look off, but you have to make sure that all you wear the same shade of red and the same shade of pink throughout or your ensemble will be a big, colorful disaster.


  1. I can wait out the 80s ... again...

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    Leggings Are Hot! Are You Wearing Them?

    No, I left leggings in the '80s. 25%
    No, they don't flatter me. 50%
    Yes, they are so comfortable. 25%
    Yes, I love to wear the latest look 0%