Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Five Fashion Musts for Every Mom

Look fabulous in these instant wardrobe updates!

Have you ever heard an overwhelmed mother excusing her frumpy, dated or otherwise unfortunate outfit by saying “Comfort before style”? I admit that I’m not one to suffer for fashion either, but there’s a limit, ladies!

It’s time to retire those lame excuses, because here’s the thing: Today, moms are in a position to be both comfortable and stylish. After all, we live in an era when casual fashion rules and jeans are okay just about anywhere. There are many trends out there that allow a mom to look fabulous—while staying as comfortable as she would be in sweats! Or almost, anyway.

Here are some ways to look wonderful, every day.

1. Denim delights. If you don’t have a socialite’s allowance, denim is a great choice for a wardrobe splurge. Jeans can last years, are wearable everywhere from the supermarket to evenings out, and can be as comfortable as you want them to be. What to look for: a classy (and slimming!) dark wash and a little bit of stretch material, which helps them fit just right. Your pants should hit just below the navel at the waistline and graze the top of your foot at the hemline. If you’re into trendy skinny jeans, they should fall closer to the ankle. What to avoid: those too tight (or too baggy) jeans in an ‘80s stone wash that are lurking in your closet. Toss them immediately. For an easy–to–navigate shopping experience, check out where you can choose jeans by wash, by waist fit, by leg style, or by price.

2. Rockin’ boots. Boots, like jeans, are an excuse to blow your clothing budget. After all, you wear them often enough to make them worth the investment. While thigh–high boots may be uber–trendy, they’re not quite practical for my lifestyle. For us everyday moms, the knee–high pairs are sexy and stylish and still fine for picking up the kids at school. Don’t shy away from a two to three inch heel for everyday wear, but proceed with caution with anything higher. Splendicity has a good blog going with lots of hip new boots. Nordstrom has a fantastic collection and cuts prices at sale time.

3. Affordable accessories. A baby—who loves to pull at every sparkly bauble you wear—can make even the most chic woman take a break from accessorizing, but that excuse is out the window once the kid grows up. As for cost? It takes very little to spruce up a casual outfit. A chunky necklace in rich jewel tones or an oversize scarf in the same colors can take a jeans–and–tee outfit from blah to bombshell. Also affordable, beautiful and very in style: wooden jewelry. Oversize bracelets and dangly earrings in dark tones carry into multiple seasons.

4. Vibrant hues. Liven up your basic black by pairing it with a bold, primary color. Neons, bright pinks, and turquoise — think bags, scarves and necklaces — all pop against a black shirt or dress. Or dare to stand out and buy a dress or shirt in one of these colors.

5. Beautiful blazers. It’s time to trade in those sweatshirts, long–sleeve T–shirts and frumpy sweaters for a gorgeous alternative: the fitted blazer! As they’ve moved from hot trend to wardrobe staple, they offer more great choices. Go for the figure–flattering feminine cuts that just skim your body. Just about any material will do — cotton, corduroy or velvet. Wear your blazer with jeans or a pencil skirt, or over a dress, and you’ll look chic and pulled–together with ease.

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