Sunday, October 25, 2009

Have You BEAN(sprout) There?

Is it possible to love a camera? But I do! I totally do love my new camera. Couldn't take the consuming worry & fear I felt every time I took our "real" digital camera to my classroom. Always seemed to need it at home AND in my classroom, too. So I bought one to keep in my classroom. And I lurve it. It is the simplest, least expensive, (and cutest) one I could find. PLUS it is a carabiner camera so I should be able to just clip it on and therefore never forget, right? So what is this new love in my life? Check out all the dirt below:

The Sprout is here to help your little adventurer keep their exploits with them anywhere. The Sprout is the Bean’s little cousin; just as tough as the Bean, but just the right size for younger fun-lovers. The simple Sprout is a great way to introduce a first-time user to the convenience and value of digital camera technology. Due to the Sprout’s versatile clip-on design, there’s no need to worry about your sprout losing track of their Sprout.

Camera Specifications:

Status LCD Display


USB cable (included)

Li-Ion Rechargeable


  1. The entertainment center is in the garage storing a ton of stuff for now. I hope to eventually cut it down and make it a sewing cabinet but we'll see what life brings there! It was just too big and bulky for the room and is the solid oak one that I built in cabinetmaking class so I won't get rid of it! No hold out on the private blog, it's just one for my kids and one of Larry's nieces. Pretty boring stuff. I delete my posts after I've printed them out for a family journal so they're only on the internet a few months depending on when I can afford more printer ink, lol! For the contest I just had everyone guess where Trav would go on his mission and the one closest won the prize. Maryanne (Larry's niece) won. Trav won our family one and so today we had a luau for him!

  2. Trav's blog address is I thought you might like to stop by since you've served a mission yourself. We'll be updating it while he's gone and posting pictures. We'll print it out and make a book for him when he comes home. He said to give it to you!