Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Healthy Is Your Hair?

Take this quiz to see how your mane measures up.

What we do — or don’t do — to our hair can have a big impact on how it looks and feels. If your tresses need TLC, simply alter your hair care routine. Do your hair habits need a change?

1. On a regular basis, I dry my hair:

A. with a blow-dryer on high heat. I’m always in a rush!
B. with the dryer set to low or no heat, or I just let it air-dry naturally.

2. I use a conditioner:

A. a few times a week when my hair feels tangled and unruly.
B. every time I wash my hair.

3. My hairbrush has:

A. hard metal bristles.
B. soft short plastic or natural bristles.

4. To get my hair off my face, I:

A. pull it back into a ponytail with a rubber band.
B. secure it with a snag-free band to prevent damage.

5. I choose my shampoos and conditioners based on:

A. their fragrance. Always having great-smelling hair is extremely important to me.
B. what my hair needs. I pick products that help keep my hair moisturized so it always looks great.


Mostly As: You want beautiful hair, but you may be causing damage. Hair responds best when you treat it gently and use products made for your needs. Try lowering the heat on your blow-dryer, using a soft-bristled brush, opting for hair accessories that don’t snag, and using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair’s needs.

Mostly Bs: Congratulations! You’re good to your tresses. The gentle products you use and the regular conditioning you do keep your hair manageable, maintained and healthy. Now get out there and flaunt your lustrous locks!

Congratulations to me (ALL Bs she says smugly) - looks like some lock flaunting is in my future.

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