Sunday, January 10, 2010


How is your pantry challenge coming? I am not doing so well. I'm behind on even taking my intended first step of inventorying and listing options..........sigh! But I have been buying mostly only perishables when shopping and we have been eating up some of our vast surplus of food here at home...slightly less eating out...Prince Charming and I have been cooking together again (and bemoaning our too-small kitchen together again). So I guess that's progress, right? Time to celebrate! At the end of the week I hope you will post to share what you ate from the pantry the past week and how the challenge is going for you. Let's happy dance together!


  1. I'm making soup from the butternut squash I got WEEKS ago in my produce box - talk about pantry meals :-)

  2. I pretty much use up everything in my pantry every month.. We finally used up all the boxes of instant flavored potatoes I kept buying more of haha.