Tuesday, January 19, 2010


According to there are seven (7) ways to boost your self-esteem (easy-to-do choices - by the way!)

1. Make a list of your strengths/positive attributes. Grab pen and paper and start listing all of the strengths you have. Include skills (fast reader, good cook, great listener, etc.), attributes you possess (dark green eyes, nice hands, etc.). Even include what others have said about you. You don't have to agree with them. For example if someone said your handwriting is pretty-write that down. After all, the opinions of others are just as valid, aren't they? Ask friends, family and colleagues to name three positive things about you and include these on your list. Take a few days to do this exercise. You'll be surprised at the results!

2. Learn to accept compliments. Do you feel awkward when others compliment you? Do you minimize them or find it difficult to know what to say in response to the compliment? If so, it's time to practice receiving compliments! If someone compliments you, simply say "Thank you" and smile back. Do not discredit their kindness by saying "This old dress" or "I usually mess up". Receive the compliment and then take pleasure in it. This will be difficult at first, but it becomes easier as you practice it.

3. Stop Apologizing! Are you always saying "I'm sorry"? People with low self-esteem often have a habit of apologizing for themselves all the time. Sorry to bother you, sorry I'd like your attention. Stop! You are worthy of being who you are-no regrets. Instead of "I'm sorry" begin smiling at people-it's much more positive!

4. Try new things. If your self-esteem is low, chances are you avoid trying new things and meeting new people. This only reinforces your negative opinion of yourself. Instead break out of the mold (one baby-step at time) and get out there! Take up a new hobby, begin a sport, get a gym membership or try a new recipe and invite some friends over.

5. Spend time with people who help you feel good about yourself. This really is important to do! People with low self-esteem will often allow themselves to be used, bullied or abused. They behave like doormats by allowing others to order them around and take advantage of them. They may also seek out others that are negative about life. If you are being pushed around by someone-say "NO"! Choose to spend time with others you enjoy and spend less time with those that don't contribute to your well being. If you are in a destructive or abusive relationship, get out or seek professional help. Audit your relationships. Stop spending time and energy on people who bring nothing positive to your life! It's your choice after all!

6. Smile at others-and look them in the eye. People who lack confidence often avoid eye contact and look down. Instead look up and make eye contact! Smile and say "hi". Most people will smile back and the friendly response will feel good. This may seem like a small thing to do-but these positive interactions will pay off BIG!

7. Be aware of your body language and presentation. Stand up straight. Pull your shoulders back and get your head up. A straight posture says a lot about you (so much better than a stooped over body). You are worthy of the space you occupy. Put your best foot forward by also dressing neat and clean. Your grooming say a lot about you-even before you open your mouth to speak!

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