Thursday, August 6, 2009

What twilight Character Am I?

Isabella Marie Swan

I am Bella Swan, the apple of Edward's eye. I am very private, clumsy, sweet, and funny. I have a wonderful ability to accept people (or mythical creatures) for what they are. I have an amazing capacity to love, even though I can be too hard on myself.

Have you read the twilight series books? Are you a huge fan? Then you have to find out what twilight character you are!

Mary Alice Brandon Cullen? Jasper Whitlock Hale? Emmett McCarty Cullen? Esme Anne Platt Evenson Cullen? Rosalie Lillian Hale? Dr. Carlisle Cullen? Sam Uley? Jacob Black? Embry Call? Paul? Jared?

Find out which twilight character you are at

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  1. Emmett Cullen

    I am Emmett Cullen, the big, scary teddy bear, the protector of my family. My strength and size are unmatched, and despite my booming laugh, boyish charm and easygoing nature I am an intimidating presence.