Saturday, August 8, 2009

What Kind of Seductress Are You?

Okay, now this is just for fun so don't read anything into it! Having said that (as a 40 year old mother of three).......................

The thrill of seduction can often lie in the chase, with the fascinating power plays, looks, gestures and words that are the hallmark of the confident seductress. Are your techniques honed to perfection? What kind of seductress are you?


I'm the ‘quiet storm’ of seduction –someone who plays the long game but, eventually, attracts the sort of man who appreciates my subtle approach. It takes that special guy to bring out the discreet, fun, lively, and unforgettable qualities in me.

Try a fun quiz and find out what kind of seductress you are.

Need to enhance your seduction strategy? Try these TIPS (don't worry - they aren't my tips so they may actually be effective):
  • His body signals are far better indicators of how he feels about you than anything he may actually say verbally. Look for small gestures such as touching your arm to tell you a lot about how he feels about you.
  • Be funny and relaxed in your flirting – it's a way of keeping him interested. Men are simple creatures, often with surprisingly fragile egos who need constant reassurance that you are definitely into them.
  • Being somewhere social with plenty of people around gives you far more scope for conversation. If it’s a terrible party, why not use that as your opening line, provided that the chap in question isn’t the host, of course…
  • The sweet and innocent approach may appeal to some men, but a confident style can also be fun, and work wonders. Try some mild puncturing of his ego. If he’s confident enough to receive a little teasing then he should be intrigued by your cheeky tactics. Making fun of his tie is fine, for example, but asking him when he first started losing his hair is unlikely to move things forward!

Oh, NOW they tell me!

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  1. Tough to resist temptation from confident teasing. The balance between assertive and reserved is a fine line to walk but necessary in the hunt ;) Good luck!