Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can You Resist Temptation?

Skybar has released 3 tempting varieties of the twilight saga new moon the movie assorted filled milk chocolate (now available in bags of 24 single packs).

Peanut butter wolf "jacob" is a milk chocolate oval depicting a howling moon with the forest and the moon in the background - filled with peanut butter!

Sweet cream heart "bella" is a milk chocolate heart with a flower and flourish and the name bella - filled with creme!

Caramel Cullen medallion "edward" is a milk chocolate Cullen family crest - filled with caramel!

Which variety is your heart's desire? Please answer the poll to the right.


  1. I'm not into the Twilight series but Brianna is. Kaje' doesn't really get into it either so I only watched the movie once with Brianna bz she wanted me to. They seem to make lots of candy though!

  2. I'm totally on Tema Edward but I can't resist peanut butter filled chocolate!

  3. If you missed the results, it was Jacob's peanut-butter filled chocolates by a landslide! Edward's caramel-filled chocolates received one vote. Poor Bella's sweet creme-filled chocolates did not receive a single vote. I did not even vote as the only one I have tasted is Edward's caramel....

    Someone else in this house took one bite of Edward's caramel and sent it directly to the trash....