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Friday, February 12, 2010


Soft Makeup Looks for Romantic Nights

Get sultry eyes and sweet pink lips to dazzle your date!

Less is definitely more when it comes to creating an feminine look. but let’s face it: Every woman can use a little makeup help to create that glow. Here’s how to make your big date night your most beautiful yet.
“Romantic makeup always works best with tones in the pink family — and that can range from soft pinks to lilacs, violets and salmon, depending on what works with your skin tone,” says professional makeup artist Elke Von Freudenberg. “Keep the focus on the lips and cheeks for the most romantic look, with soft pastels on the eyes and the darkest color reserved for the lashes,” Von Freudenberg suggests.

Don’t overdo the dazzle. “Go for a modern matte appearance to the skin, while adding a soft shimmer on only one feature,” says Von Freudenberg. She suggests using a light, shimmering powder over blush as a highlight on the apples of the cheeks.

Create kissable lips. “While the trend is matte lips, the most romantic look for lips includes a slight shimmer applied to the whole lip or just the bottom center,” says Von Freudenberg. Keep shimmers in an off-white, silver or gold tone that compliments your lip color. Keep lip shades muted, and try one of the new grayish pinks or violets, she suggests.

And what’s the point of a beautifully colored pucker if your lips aren’t soft and inviting? Ward off dry, chapped lips with hydrating products. Before applying lip color, “definitely apply lip balm,” says professional makeup artist Chris Lanston. “It works wonders.” Remember, you can exfoliate your lips, says professional makeup artist Joy Randall. Take a soft toothbrush or a fresh washcloth and buff off dead skin to create a smooth lip surface. Now you’re ready for that luscious color.

For romantic eyes, keep colors subtle. “I would suggest a light nude to soft brown shadow, or gold, depending on your skin color,” says Lanston. Cream shadows are all the rage, says Randall. “They give you that natural, barely there look, and you can find a lot of varieties that go on creamy and dry powdery, so they don’t crease or budge.” She suggests adding a light application of eyeliner — think definition, not high drama — and ending with mascara for a truly romantic look.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Pssst, come over here a sec. Shhh, have to whisper, so your Valentine Sweetheart doesn't hear. Guess what I just found out?! It's the neatest thing! If you put all your Valentines in a big envelope and send them to the Postmaster in the tiny town of Valentine, Texas, she will stamp them all with a big RED stamp that says: VALENTINE, TEXAS! Imagine your Valentine's face when they see that special postmark...I just HEART this idea. :-)'s how it works. Put all your fully addressed and stamped Valentine's Day cards in one big envelope and send them to:

Valentine Post Office,
Valentine, Texas 79854-5400

You will probably want to mail the large envelope with all the valentines in it from your local post office so you will know that you've used the correct postage. The Valentine Post Office does this every year and they don't charge anything extra for the more than 10,000 Valentine's Day cards they postmark each year. Their postmaster, Ann Carrasco, calls their post office the "Love Station of Texas." :-) This is an especially neat thing to do if you're sending valentines overseas to loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To make sure the red Valentine, Texas postmark shows up, it's best to NOT send your valentines in red envelopes. The post office recommends mailing your valentine in a pink, white, or lavender envelope. If you'd like more information, you may call: (432) 467-2912.

Click HERE to see the postmarks and addresses for several other post offices that also have special postmarks for Valentine's Day cards.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

{vampire valentine}

Kiss Collection

This amazing kit is made up of two Femme Fatale Lip Glosses (in Surrender and Butterfly Kisses), Just Bitten Staining Balm in Blush, and our infamous, lip-plumping Twilight Venom. It's the ultimate in lip indulgence!

Volturi "Eye" Love You Set

It's all about the eyes-- Edward loves Bella's brown beauties, and you can accentuate you own with our "Eye" Love You Collection from Volturi Twilight.

With mascara, primer, and eyeshadow you'll be sure to mesmerize anyone you come across. This fantastic collection contains Crown Metallic Mascara in Black Knight and Royal Blue, Foreshadow Eyelid Primer, and Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadow in Frost, Beloved, and Dusk.


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