Thursday, February 4, 2010

{vampire valentine}

Kiss Collection

This amazing kit is made up of two Femme Fatale Lip Glosses (in Surrender and Butterfly Kisses), Just Bitten Staining Balm in Blush, and our infamous, lip-plumping Twilight Venom. It's the ultimate in lip indulgence!

Volturi "Eye" Love You Set

It's all about the eyes-- Edward loves Bella's brown beauties, and you can accentuate you own with our "Eye" Love You Collection from Volturi Twilight.

With mascara, primer, and eyeshadow you'll be sure to mesmerize anyone you come across. This fantastic collection contains Crown Metallic Mascara in Black Knight and Royal Blue, Foreshadow Eyelid Primer, and Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadow in Frost, Beloved, and Dusk.

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  1. I got Matt the Edward Sweethearts for Valentines and he's just going to "love" them LOL :)