Friday, February 5, 2010


Pssst, come over here a sec. Shhh, have to whisper, so your Valentine Sweetheart doesn't hear. Guess what I just found out?! It's the neatest thing! If you put all your Valentines in a big envelope and send them to the Postmaster in the tiny town of Valentine, Texas, she will stamp them all with a big RED stamp that says: VALENTINE, TEXAS! Imagine your Valentine's face when they see that special postmark...I just HEART this idea. :-)'s how it works. Put all your fully addressed and stamped Valentine's Day cards in one big envelope and send them to:

Valentine Post Office,
Valentine, Texas 79854-5400

You will probably want to mail the large envelope with all the valentines in it from your local post office so you will know that you've used the correct postage. The Valentine Post Office does this every year and they don't charge anything extra for the more than 10,000 Valentine's Day cards they postmark each year. Their postmaster, Ann Carrasco, calls their post office the "Love Station of Texas." :-) This is an especially neat thing to do if you're sending valentines overseas to loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To make sure the red Valentine, Texas postmark shows up, it's best to NOT send your valentines in red envelopes. The post office recommends mailing your valentine in a pink, white, or lavender envelope. If you'd like more information, you may call: (432) 467-2912.

Click HERE to see the postmarks and addresses for several other post offices that also have special postmarks for Valentine's Day cards.

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