Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{guest blogger: julie morton from princess piggies}

ABOUT ME: Julie Morton
I'm a stay-at-home mommy to 3 princes and 1 princess. I love doing hair and making hair accessories. (I'm by no means a professional, I just do it for fun.) We have our niece in town visiting for a few weeks and it's fun to have another head of hair to play with.

We decided to give her a simple French Braid Tuck for church.

Make a small French Braid along the bang line. Continue braiding that section of hair down to the ends.

Take that braid and tuck it into the side of the hair with bobby pins. (Have the bobby pins form an "X" for better hold.)

We finished off the rest of her hair with some flat iron curls and she was ready to go.

Later that night we sprayed her hair with glitter for the fireworks show and it was darling!

Brenda here: the lovely model is none other than my own princess *DASHA* If you want to see more of Julie primping princesses with perfect piggies and ponies, visit her blog Princess Piggies @

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  1. You can use any posts you want! :) She had darling hair last night for mutual but we were rushing her out the door and didn't get a picture.