Friday, July 24, 2009

Who Are Pioneers?

The pioneers we honor and pay tribute to on Pioneer Day are those who first left the comfort of their established homes in civilization and trekked to the desolate area that is modern-day Utah to escape religious persecution and obtain the freedom of religious expression that was one of the founding principles of this great nation. They braved much and sacrificed much to cause this desert to blossom into the thriving communities found today. They sacrificed everything they had to worship how they pleased. They experienced physical challenges they could have never imagined. They left their homes, their loved ones, and all of their personal belongings. The pioneers were followers of Jesus Christ.

The days of the pioneers are not past. Modern-day followers of Jesus Christ are pioneers, too. A pioneer is one that goes before, showing others the way to follow. Pioneers stand up for what they believe to be right, despite being looked down upon and made fun of. Pioneers sacrifice for freedom of religion. Pioneers face unimaginable challenges. Pioneers follow Jesus Christ.

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